4 Ways Stratogator Outshines Cloudyn in Cloud Comparison Tools

1) Stratogator Recommends The Best “Match” Based On Your Needs.

With Stratogator, you can search for the Azure stack that meets your specific needs, narrowing down your options by what you want to focus on. Choose from Performance Match, Price Match, or Geo Match for a personalized Azure solution.While Cloudyn does compare Azure and other cloud solutions, only Stratogator tailors each search for your personal preferences.

Performance Match

Find the Azure stack that meets your performance needs. Search based on vCPU, CPU Speed, RAM, Network Ingress Speed, Network Egress Speed, and Storage.

Price Match

Narrow your results by choosing a min/max for hourly price. Your results will also show an estimated monthly price, so you can easily see what fits in your budget.

Geo Match

Find solutions that will work best in your desired location. Select a region, such as Europe or Western US, to limit results to exactly what you want.

2) Stratogator Sends Instant Pricing Update Alerts.

Adapt at a moment’s notice with instant price change alerts from Stratogator that enable you to migrate the the best environment at the best price.
On Cloudyn, you spend more time searching and finding the best price. That’s time that could be used in other areas of your company. Let Stratogator do the work for you.

3) Stratogator Helps You Migrate To The Cloud In Minutes.

Stratogator’s automated guide helps you map your current hardware to an optimized cloud cluster. In the past migrating to the cloud could have taken a week…now, you can move to the cloud in minutes!Getting a grasp on what resources you need to replicate your system is easy – contact us or fill out the infrastructure template and send it back to get started.

4) Stratogator Analyzes Your Current Infrastructure.

Right size your cloud. Upload your system resources and we’ll match your current infrastructure to the best set of Azure cloud systems. All you need is the Server name (Excel file upload), CPU, memory and disk space.

You now have the ability to reduce overhead by 30-40%. Request a live demo & get started today!

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